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Get prepared to work in the aromatherapy industry.

This course is structured in a way which first lays the foundation and then gradually introduces new information. You will begin by gaining an understanding of, and what defines aromatherapy, essential oils and carrier oils.

The information covered in the essential oil monographs is comprehensive and includes conservation status, historical references and botanical features of the plant, and the chemistry, safety, therapeutic properties and applications, and evidence-based research of its oil.


This Level is approximately 300 hours. The average student takes 12 months to complete (including exams and case studies).

You will learn about:

44 Essential Oils

21 Carriers

5 Hydrosols

Investment: $775

Includes a 600-page manual, a LabAroma subscription (mandatory), and exam fee.


Note: The course manual shipping fee is included for US and Canada students. All other countries, the shipping is billed separately as the amount varies based on destination. You can email us prior for a shipping quote.


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Aromatherapy 101 Course Outline

This course has been developed from recognized credible resources in the field, evidence-based research, and the personal experience of your instructors. 

Thoughtfully organized so you're set up for success!

Plus, your manual includes a glossary of terms, a description of anatomical directions, and a quick reference guide to dilutions.

Essential oils are categorized under one predominant top, middle, and base blending note. First, the top note essential oils are covered in alphabetical order, followed by the middle, and finally the base note essential oils. This process of association is one way our students remember the predominant note of an essential oil and where they can quickly access essential oil monographs in the manual.
Modules 1-5 are designed to provide you with theoretical components of the course. This includes historical, botanical, medical, and organic chemistry lessons relevant to aromatherapy, carrier oils, and essential oils, as well as in-depth lessons on essential oil safety, and blending instructions and examples, so that you can begin your case studies as you continue through the remainder of the program. 
Review questions are provided at the end of each module which have been designed to effectively prepare you for your exams. These questions will coincide with text highlighted or bolded throughout the manual indicating content that you may be tested on. Exam study guides are also made available to you as well as your instructors and mentors support! 


Essential oil safety will also be covered in-depth in Module 2. Each essential oil, carrier oil, and hydrosol covered will include safety or precautionary information in line with guidelines set by Tisserand and Young (2014).


Hydrosols are introduced followed by recommended specific hydrosols for various conditions.

Common Conditions

Conditions covered in AT-101 are some of the most common conditions a person might encounter. Along with each condition is a list of essential oils and modes of use. These will help you when completing your case study reports.

Areas of Employment

Some areas of employment are the retail aromatherapy business, product development, custom blending, and consultation.

Private Student Forum

We also have a private Facebook group that acts as a student forum. The page helps you to connect with other students, as well as the instructors. It is mostly used to ask questions of the students and instructors, post information about aromatherapy conferences, access updates on new discoveries in the world of aromatherapy, and to receive announces about new courses, contests, and quizzes.

We are affiliated with LabAroma which offers an exclusive benefit to our students. LabAroma is a chemistry-based, clinical aromatherapy focused, a software tool that allows you to accurately calculate the chemistry behind essential oil and cosmetic formulations.

You can access LabAroma from your tablet, desktop or mobile device.

The LabAroma Learn package is designed for Aromatherapy students and Aromatherapy professionals to give you a modern efficient formulation blending solution while removing the complexity of math and chemistry.

Upon completion of AT 101, you can join the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) at their first level.

Please Note: Students completing AT 101 only are not qualified as a Certified Aromatherapists. A student must successfully complete both AT 101 and AT 201 in order to become a Certified or Clinical Aromatherapist.

However, if you are interested in aromatherapy for personal knowledge or to supplement an existing modality such as Registered Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Reflexologist, or Health Care Provider, this level may be sufficient for your needs.

Barbara Ritchie

Barbara Ritchie

"Enrolling with Essence of Thyme is one of the best decisions I have had the good fortune to make. I am very impressed with the depth of the curriculum, the monthly student meetings and the resources available on the website. Colleen and Kelly's hands on approach, dedication and mentoring is very beneficial and I value their extensive aromatherapy knowledge."

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Aromatherapy 101



  • 600-page manual
  • Lab Aroma Membership
  • Exam fee
  • Able to join The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) at their first level.

Full Graduate Program


Most Popular

  • 600-page manual for AT-101 and a 700-page manual for AT-201
  • Lab Aroma Membership (one year)
  • Exams fee (for both AT-101 and AT-201)
  • British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists  (BCAOA) which grants the right to use the designation of Registered Aromatherapist- RA ®; (RA®) and Essential Oil Therapist - EOT®; (EOT®).
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) at the highest level which grants the designation of Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner.
  • The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) at the highest level which grants the designation of Clinical Aromatherapist.
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Note: The course manual shipping fee is included for US and Canada students. All other countries, the shipping is billed separately as the amount varies based on destination. You can email us prior for a shipping quote.
Holly Sokoloski

Holly Sokoloski

"I couldn't be happier that I chose Essence of Thyme. I can learn at my pace and receive a great education with any extra help I may need. I always receive a response quickly, and the course is set up beautifully and is very thorough. It is completed in a way that the information is easily absorbed. Not being very science brained and having no prior knowledge of essential oils I can say that I am a complete newbie when it comes to all this but, I feel very confident in the education I am receiving. I am really thankful to have two people with so much experience, as my teachers. I look forward to all they have to teach me! "

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