Aromatherapy 201

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Aromatherapy 101 is a prerequisite for Aromatherapy 201.

By experiencing the learning experience with Essence of Thyme through the AT-101 course, you've come to know the high level of integrity and student care that we pride ourselves on.

This is your chance to take your education to the next level!

Continue your learning so that you'll be recognized as a Registered/Certified Clinical/
Advanced Practitioner in the field of Aromatherapy.



This Level is approximately 300 hours. The average student takes 12 months to complete (including exams and case studies).

You will learn about:

47 Essential Oils

16 Carriers

6 Hydrosols

Investment: $670 CAD

Includes a 700-page manual and the exam fee.

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Aromatherapy 201 Course Outline

This course has been developed from recognized credible resources in the field, evidence-based research, and the personal experience of your instructors.

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Ltd.

Private Student Forum

We also have a private Facebook group that acts as a student forum. The page helps you to connect with other students, as well as the instructors. It is mostly used to ask questions of the students and instructors, post information about aromatherapy conferences, access updates on new discoveries in the world of aromatherapy, and to receive announces about new courses, contests, and quizzes.

The combination of AT-101 and AT-201 equate to the Registered/Certified Clinical/Advanced Practitioner Level Aromatherapy Program and have been audited and subsequently recognized as meeting and exceeding the requirements outlined by the Core Curriculums of the following three Professional Aromatherapy Associations in North America:


British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists  (BCAOA) grants the right to use the designation of Registered Aromatherapist - RA ®; (RA®) and Essential Oil Therapist - EOT®; (EOT®).


The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)
at the highest level which grants the designation of Clinical Aromatherapist.


Alliance of International Aromatherapists  (AIA) at the highest level which grants the designation of Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner.

Marcia Hanssen

Marcia Hanssen

"I researched schools and I could not find a school that exceeded or even matched Essence of Thyme. Essence of Thyme allows for students to work at their own pace, and this was very important to me as a single parent with a full-time job. 

I was shocked at how extensive the program was, and I felt completely out of my element and over my head, but Colleen and Kelly give you the support and opportunities to succeed in this program. You learn, not only from their expertise, but also from a wide variety of experts in this field of study. This course will exceed your expectations!"

Aromatherapy 201

$725.00 CAD

Aromatherapy 201 (AT-201) includes:

  • 700-page manual
  • Exam fee
  • Able to join The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) at the highest level (Clinical Aromatherapist), The British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists (BCAOA) at the highest level (Registered Aromatherapist RA®
    and Essential Oil Therapist EOT®), and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) at the highest level (Advanced Practitioner).
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Tanya Violette

Tanya Violette

"I always had a passion for Holistic health, and it was important to me to have the proper education on essential oils and how to use them safely. The communication between instructors and students is phenomenal, by far the best I’ve personally experienced. The instructors encourage and support questions and comments. My experience with EOT has been amazing.
They’re compassionate, knowledgeable, informative, and again the communication has always been fantastic.
If you’re deciding on which online course to take, I highly recommend this one!"

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