Advanced Aromatherapy Science, Module 5: Chemistry: Extraction, Distillation, Quality, and Beyond

Instructor: Benoit Roger, PhD

Most aromatherapists use essential oils without clearly knowing how they are made, their chemistry, what can influence their quality, and even what the word “quality” means when we talk about essential oils. This course is designed to fill this gap and help the aromatherapist to get a more comprehensive overview of the products they use. It is also designed to bring the necessary information for the aromatherapist to deal with all the myths we hear and read on the internet.

In this module, you will: 

  • Understand the relationship between organic chemistry, phytochemistry, and the production of secondary metabolites in plants.
  • Evaluate different extraction methods and their impact on the yield, potency, and chemical composition of essential oils.
  • Synthesize and integrate knowledge from disciplines including organic chemistry, phytochemistry, and analytical techniques to make informed decisions and recommendations regarding the usage and evaluation of essential oils.

This module provides 8.5 CE hours and includes 10 lessons. 

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