Advanced Aromatherapy Science Program


Transform your critical thinking and stay on the cutting edge of clinical practice in aromatherapy.

with Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine and Benoit Roger, PhD

Knowledge is power.

There’s no substitute for knowledge and competency—the ability to evaluate and contextualize information. Without it, you have to trust the information you are given, with no way to actually use it creatively. With essential oils, the situation is even more critical, because there is often a lack of information on efficacy and safety.

In this 5-module program, you will explore the science, critical approaches, and methodology behind essential oil research. You’ll be introduced to the pharmacology of aromatic plants so you can interpret their therapeutic potentials. You will apply pharmacological concepts to deepen your understanding of the properties and effects of essential oils on the human body, and you will understand the chemistry behind extraction, distillation, and quality of aromatic extracts.


Go beyond knowledge and transform your career.

This program takes no shortcuts and doesn’t offer ready-made solutions.

Instead, Marco and Benoit will guide you in developing the tools you need to go beyond knowledge and become an autonomous professional practitioner in your field.

Who this program is for

This program is for anyone seeking an ethical and professional approach to the clinical applications of essential oils, with a focus on reliable and safe practices:

  • professional aromatherapists
  • essential oil company consultants
  • chemists and quality assurance specialists
  • academic researchers and professors
  • naturopaths, allopathic physicians, and nurses
  • researchers and educators in aromatherapy
  • pharmacology and toxicology professionals
  • science writers or journalists

Customize your learning to fit your professional goals

Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science

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$2715 CAD

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Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science

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$703.75 CAD

for 4 months
(total $2815 CAD)


Course Modules

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Create or advance your career in aromatic science

This rare opportunity to study with world-renowned experts with a global perspective will have a significant impact on your personal and professional development, from career advancement to increased earning potential. You’ll know how to stay current in a rapidly-changing industry, which is essential to remain competitive and relevant in your field.

Here are just a few of the opportunities that await you:

  • Aromatherapist or Holistic Health Coach: Deepening your understanding of essential oils and their chemoecological and pharmacological contexts will set you apart as a world-class expert.
  • Aromachemist: Specialize in the analysis of aromatic chemical compounds such as those found in essential oils. Apply your expertise in product development, quality control, and research roles.
  • Consultant for Aromatherapy Companies: Aromatherapy and essential oil companies may seek your expertise as a consultant to develop product formulations, validate claims, and conduct research.
  • Educator/Instructor: Teach courses on aromatherapy as well as essential oils and their pharmacological effects at higher educational institutions and wellness centers, or through online platforms.
  • Herbalist or Naturopathic/Allopathic Doctor: Incorporate essential oils into holistic treatment approaches with a solid knowledge of essential oil pharmacology.
  • Researcher, Toxicologist, or Pharmacokineticist: With knowledge of formal research methods and metabolism of plant compounds, you can enhance your work at research institutions, regulatory agencies, or pharmaceutical companies, contributing to the development and assessment of evidence-based medical practices and treatments involving plant compounds.

With each module, you get:

Lifetime access

to all content, including detailed video presentations

Comprehensive references

downloadable and printable reference materials 

Formal recognition

certificate and continuing education credits 

Complete individual modules—or earn your Diploma—and receive continuing education credits

Purchase the modules that are most relevant to your professional goals, or complete the entire 5-module program and earn a Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science.

For each module you complete, you will receive continuing education units that may apply to your professional organization(s).

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Module 1: Science, Critical Approach, and Research Methods

Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Our personal intuitions, even when they feel strong and correct, may not always be accurate, especially in science. What can we rely on instead?

  • Explore formal methods used in medical research based on scientific principles.
  • Understand how these methods influence the design of research trials.
  • Get simple tools to assess the quality of scientific papers.
  • Learn how to determine the importance and relevance of research findings.
7.5 CE hours — 9 lessons

$525 CAD
one-time payment


Module 2: Introduction to Pharmacology

Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Investigate the fascinating ways in which pharmacology and pharmacokinetics influence each other to have a powerful impact on essential oil administration.

  • Discover the intricate relationship between different molecules within our cells, enabling our bodies to sense and respond to the environment.
  • Learn why simplistic models like Functional Group Theory fall short in describing the complex reality of how drugs interact with our bodies.
  • Explore how the body manages and changes the molecules we take in, and why this is crucial for drug interactions, and toxicology.
7.5 CE hours — 10 lessons

$515 CAD
one-time payment


Module 3: Aromatic Plants

Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

How has biological evolution shaped the medicinal properties of plants and influenced the composition of our Materia Medica?

  • Learn how biological evolution helps us understand the dominant role of plants in medicine.
  • Understand the distinction between what plants produce and release into the environment and what we obtain through distillation.
  • Explore theories regarding why plants produce secondary metabolites or natural products and their role in the ecosystem.
  • Investigate connections between ecological functions of plant VOCs and the use of essential oils for medicinal purposes.
3.5 CE hours — 8 lessons

$250 CAD
one-time payment


Module 4: Essential Oils and Human Beings

Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Confidently apply key pharmacological concepts for a better understanding of the properties and effects of essential oils.

  • Understand the limitations and potential errors that can arise when using Functional Group Theory to predict the properties of essential oils.
  • Learn pharmacological concepts that help explain the effects of complex mixtures of molecules found in essential oils.
  • Discover what is currently known about the potential effects of essential oils on  tissues, organs, and systems based on clinical and preclinical research.
  • Consider the role of aromatherapy within the broader landscape of health theories and approaches.
20 CE hours — 28 lessons

$1400 CAD
one-time payment


Module 5: Chemistry: Extraction, Distillation, Quality, and Beyond

Benoit Roger, PhD

What does “quality” really mean for essential oils? Address misconceptions with clients and customers using scientific principles of organic chemistry.

  • Understand the relationship between organic chemistry, phytochemistry, and the production of secondary metabolites in plants.
  • Evaluate different extraction methods and their impact on the yield, potency, and chemical composition of essential oils.
  • Synthesize and integrate knowledge from disciplines including organic chemistry, phytochemistry, and analytical techniques to make informed decisions and recommendations regarding the usage and evaluation of essential oils.
8.5 CE hours — 10 lessons

$610 CAD
one-time payment


View the full curriculum

Covering everything you need to know about aromatic science, this program is designed to elevate your understanding and practice to new heights.

Get a copy of the full detailed curriculum, including learning objectives and lesson outlines for all 5 modules of the Advanced Aromatherapy Science Program.


Meet the experts behind this transformational program

Created by two world-renowned experts in the field, this program is the culmination of years of dedication and expertise. 

Kelly Ablard of Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies

Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine


Marco is the production manager and scientific director for Magnifica Essenza, a distiller in Italy, and is visiting professor in essential oils and herbal medicine at universities in Italy. With over 30 years of experience working with medicinal and aromatic plants, Marco has published numerous scientific papers on essential oils and medicinal plants, and is working on a systematic review on the antiviral activities of essential oils.

Colleen Thompson of Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies

Benoit Roger, PhD


Passionate about plants, Benoit focuses on the research, analysis, and production/transformation of essential oil and other plant extracts including hydrolats. Benoit has worked with renowned companies in France close to the Grasse industry. With his experience in aromatic plant distillation and extraction, he founded AlChemia Solutions in collaboration with PhytoChemia, where he develops small equipment for extraction and distillation.

Earn your Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science

Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science

pay in full

$2715 CAD

one-time payment


Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science

payment plan

$703.75 CAD

for 4 months (total $2815 CAD)


Register for the Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science and get this special bonus!

Lavender Distillation with Marco Valussi and Benoit Roger

value: $75 CAD

This in-depth discussion between Marco and Benoit provides an expert-level view on the process of plant harvest and distillation within the context of lavenders and lavender hybrids. Their 1-hour conversation includes exclusive video footage of lavender harvest and distillation, as well as discussion on how the process differs among various plants.


Angie Kennedy


“This is a well-rounded program that incorporates all aspects of professional aromatherapy. I enjoyed this program so much and the knowledge gave me the confidence to move forward and help people with the power of essential oils.”


Yvonne Brodka


"Taking the program was one of the best decisions of my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning or furthering their education in aromatherapy.”

Oana Ceciu

Jenny Ditch


“When I decided to study aromatherapy, I was drawn to Essence of Thyme's program because of their focus on science and research. I felt like the program would give me the foundation I desired and the tools I need to continue in the field in the future.“

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