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The Gold Standard for Aromatherapy Certification

Essence of Thyme sets the Gold Standard for aromatherapy certification through credibility, connection, and career preparation

Our online aromatherapy certification programs provide a comprehensive curriculum taught by globally recognized, trusted faculty. Get unparalleled personal support including 1:1 advising, live guest lectures, forum, and interactive online events. Build your future now with discounts on Airmid Institute membership, Dropsmart and Blend Precisely, and lifetime access to our expert lecture archive. Graduates are recognized by 5 professional aromatherapy associations.


Online Aromatherapy Certification Programs

Create or advance your career in aromatherapy with our internationally recognized, evidence-based aromatherapy certification and diploma programs. 

Professional Certification Program in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science

Your career starts here. Become a professional aromatherapy consultant, launch your product line or retail business, teach workshops, or provide services as an adjunct to your existing holistic health specialization.


The Gold Standard: Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy

Our best bundle for the serious student seeking the most comprehensive training available. Includes the Professional Level Certification Program and the Certified Master Aromatherapist Program, granting you a Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy.


Certified Master Aromatherapist Program

Advance your existing Level 2 aromatherapy certification and share your work on a level in line with industry experts. Become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, aromatherapy educator or researcher, expand your business, or enhance your work in allopathic or holistic health. Prerequisite: Level 2 Aromatherapy Certification. 


Our programs are recognized by the top 5 international professional aromatherapy associations:

IFPA Accredited - Essence of Thyme
IFPA Accredited - Essence of Thyme

"My journey into aromatherapy began a few years ago with a simple tattoo of great symbolism – Breathe – and with the hope to self-heal myself.

When I was introduced to essential oils and experienced the healing powers of the plant world, I knew that I had found my passion. I decided to work towards aromatherapy certification and learn more about the healing properties of essential oils to intelligently and safely share my knowledge to help others.

After 6 months of researching schools I chose the Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies and it was one of the best decisions that I made in my life."

— Mary Monteiro

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