Professional and Master Certification in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science

Professional and Master’s Certification Program in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science

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Become a certified clinical aromatherapist
and master the art of aromatherapy.

The Gold Standard is designed to help you build your "aroma empire," from your foundation as a Certified Professional Aromatherapist to becoming a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

You'll cultivate a successful career and have a significant impact on the field. You will also have the knowledge to establish your career in teaching and research. 

After completing the Gold Standard, many of our graduates have successfully...

  • launched their own product line
  • opened their own retail stores
  • developed their own course
  • presented at conferences
  • conducted research
  • published articles

Regardless of the path you choose, EOT will always have your back... even after you graduate.

Do you ever think about the endless possibilities and opportunities that being a clinical aromatherapist could offer?

In the time you spend feeling like maybe you’d like to learn more, or dreaming of an enhanced business, teaching your own aromatherapy courses, or presenting at a professional conference, you could in fact be at work with a team that will support the transformation of these dreams into a recognized name!

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that achieving that level of success is too good to be true, but the EOT team and EOT Graduates would have to disagree.

You deserve to reward yourself with endless opportunities!

And remember...

That fact that you’re considering anchoring your education so that you can provide the utmost service and information to your clients and students is commendable.

Essence of Thyme instructors collectively have over 40 years of experience as practitioners, and in business development, retail service, marketing, conducting scientific research, and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as speaking worldwide at aromatherapy conferences.

You'll be fully supported.

Not only do we offer one-on-one support so you have direct access to our renowned instructors, but you also have an attendance pass to join our monthly live lectures so you can stay motivated and on the cutting edge, learning from experts in the field on topics ranging from essential oil chemistry, marketing your business, developing curriculum, and effectively communicating as an educator and practitioner.

And we didn’t stop there!

You also get...

  • your own personal mentor as you complete your case studies  
  • access to our private student forum, led by EOT's expert instructors
  • bimonthly office hours for personal advising
  • live, interactive online guest lectures and open forums 

This is one of the most comprehensive and recognized aromatherapy certifications available today. We’d love for you to be a part of it!

What sets the Professional Program and the Gold Standard Package apart?

Dr. Kelly Ablard in lavender field

Advanced Skills

EOT provides you with the knowledge to venture into entrepreneurial, educational, and research careers.

You are equipped with the tools at no extra charge which will help you to make a path and to build bridges in a rapidly growing field through effective public speaking and presentation skills, teacher training, research analysis, and business expansion.


EOT’s instructors bring a unique combination of skills to the table! You will receive the tools you need to write articles for peer-reviewed journals, and easy ways to constructively read research articles. This builds your credibility and audience fast!

Our team also works with students on research design for the field and the lab, statistical analysis, and exploring other ways to actively get involved in research that will help advance the field, all while protecting threatened aromatic medicinal plants.

This is exclusive to our school and an invaluable asset to our students.

Dr. Kelly Ablard and Robert Tisserand
Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Ltd.

User-Friendly Curriculum 
(with 24/7 access!)

Our curriculum is highly organized, user-friendly, and created with the utmost attention to detail.

We chose to build our programs on a state-of-the-art online learning management system so you would have the best learning experience.

Your course material is available 24/7, 365 days per year. No matter where you are and in what part of the world you live, learning how to become a certified aromatherapist is convenient and always accessible.

Qualify for Professional Associations at the Highest Level


Upon successful completion of the advanced program, you will have the choice to join Professional Aromatherapy Association NAHA (Level 3), AIA (Level 3), CAOA (Level 3), and the IFPA (Full Membership MIFPA).

As a member of these associations, you’ll be recognized as a certified aromatherapist with international credibility, qualify for practitioner insurance, and remain connected to leading experts and breakthroughs in the field through conferences, webinars, and newsletters.

Holly Sokoloski

Holly Sokoloski

“The course is set up beautifully and very thorough. It is completed in a way that the information is easily absorbed. Not being very science brained and having no prior knowledge of essential oils I can say that I am a complete newbie when it comes to all this but, I feel very confident in the education I am receiving. I am really thankful to have two people with so much experience, as my teachers. I look forward to all they have to teach me!

Here’s what you get when you learn from us.


Regardless of life’s other commitments, our dedicated and inspirational team’s promise is to support your success and to provide you with the skills you need to create a unique path as a highly knowledgeable, sustainably minded, and dynamic professional.

Guidance and Motivation

We take guiding and motivating you on your journey very seriously. Our extremely experienced hands-on team achieves this through personal mentorship, hosting live talks by leading experts in the field, offering bimonthly office hours and monthly open forums, and providing a platform to connect with Essence of Thyme students all over the world. This goes far beyond any other online program on the market.

Updated and Unique Curriculum

Essence of Thyme’s mission is to maintain its gold-standard in aromatherapy education. EOT ensures a comprehensive, self-paced and interactive online curriculum that is updated every six months. Our curriculum is very unique because it incorporates videos and lessons by top experts in the field which have been specially developed just for EOT!

Conservation Consciousness

We're committed to the protection of threatened essential oil-bearing plants and to ethical sourcing of essential oils. EOT has partnered with Airmid Institute and United Plant Savers to provide you with the right tools to protect and heal the same plants that we use for healing.


We love to provide you with extra perks to help you stay motivated while learning! Our quarterly quizzes and prizes, special discounted rates on additional EOT expert-led courses, and a significantly reduced rate for LabAroma are just a few of our most popular items.

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Ltd.

The GOLD STANDARD Package provides an affordable four-year convenient online program consisting of beginner and advanced curriculum that is broken down into organized and manageable steps, and that is supported by printable guidelines to easily work from so that your learning experience can immediately be put into action!

You will gain experience as a certified aromatherapist and add to your knowledge base, work at professional and clinical levels, expand your business, teach aromatherapy, license products, formulate, contribute to the field through research, publications, and speaking engagements, and share your work on a level inline with industry experts.

Payment Options

Our tuition is displayed in Canadian dollars. Use our currency converter below to calculate your cost. 

Pay in Full

$2395 CAD

one-time payment

  •  700+ hour program
  • includes Professional and Master's Level certification
  • 1-year LabAroma membership
  • no final exam fee
  • no matter where you are in the world, you qualify for membership at the highest levels in 4 international professional aromatherapy organizations

Payment Plan

$303.75/mo CAD

for 8 months

  • 700+ hour program
  • includes Professional and Master's Level certification
  • 1-year LabAroma membership
  • no final exam fee
  • no matter where you are in the world, you qualify for membership at the highest levels in 4 international professional aromatherapy organizations
  • budget-friendly option

Added Bonus

Once you pass your Professional Level midterm exam with a minimum of 80%, you’ll be rewarded! Nothing makes us happier than to see our students succeed. 

EOT will pay $30 CAD toward a first-year student membership to a professional aromatherapy association of your choice! The association must be one that recognizes EOT such as IFPA, AIA, NAHA, and CAOA. This is a unique benefit that is not offered anywhere else. You will have the choice to take us up on it within two months of completing your midterm so that you can maximize your annual membership fees! Joining an association is important as a professional aromatherapist - it gives you credibility, qualifies you for practitioner insurance, and keeps you connected to experts all over the world.


Your Path to Success...

The CERTIFIED GOLD STANDARD package offers the two programs combined which consists of up to 50 contact hours, and 25 modules and your choice of one 50-hour elective that are broken down into organized and manageable lessons that build upon each other. Each lesson is presented to you one at a time, and when you’ve completed the lesson, the next lesson will be made available to you. How long it takes to complete each lesson is entirely up to you!

Each lesson is taught by Colleen and/or Kelly, or a leading expert in the field, and is supported with a printable, and when necessary, a video!

Our unique monographs have been designed just for EOT and cover the history, chemistry, botanical description, conservation status, scent note, and therapeutic benefits of each essential oil.

There is a fun quiz at the end of each lesson to prepare you for your exams, and once you’ve unlocked your lesson, it is yours to have over a lifetime!

Enrol today and receive a digital safety manual to use as a quick reference to ensure safe blending practices for your loved ones and clients.

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Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Ltd.
Amber Horricks

Amber Horricks

The wealth of knowledge I am gaining is incredible! This is not like most online programs I have taken, as the instructors are always there to answer, guide, and support. Colleen and Kelly are an amazing team that wants to see students succeed.” 

The Gold Standard Includes Two Comprehensive Aromatherapy Programs

Professional Level Outline

This level has been developed from recognized credible resources in the field, evidence-based research, and the personal experience of your instructors.

Master's Level Outline

This 300+ hour level program is currently being developed from recognized credible resources in the field, evidence-based research, and the personal experience of your instructors.

The Master’s level will delve even further into:

  • conservation and sustainability
  • pharmacokinetics and  pharmacodynamics
  • application methods
  • aromatherapy and integrative health
  • chemistry
  • research

You’ll study:

  • 45 essential oils
  • 16 carrier oils
  • 18 CO2 extracts
  • 7 hydrosols
  • ...and one elective course of your choosing

You'll understand:

  • body systems: immune, lymphatic, integumentary, nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urogenital, endocrine, and olfactory
  • olfaction and human psychology
  • working with dementia
  • working in a care home environment
  • working in a hospice setting/end of life
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Choose Your Elective!

Once you’ve completed the Professional Certification Program, the Gold Standard Program allows you to choose between three electives, each 50+ hours!

EOT did a survey to find out which three areas students would like to learn more about. The results revealed:
teaching, product licensing, and an introduction to cosmeceuticals.

So voilà! You have a choice to take an elective that will prepare you to teach, or one that will teach you what you need to know when it comes to product licensing/packaging/regulation and product formulation AND if you decide to take all three, you will receive an enrolment discount!

Cheryl Whitten

Cheryl Whitten, BA

“I’ve worked in aromatherapy since the early 2000s. After many years, I finally chose to certify my knowledge with Essence of Thyme. I found the program to be detailed and advanced beyond any other certifying aromatherapy program I’ve taken and with more clinical hours. With my background as a professional writer, I was able to publish my research paper in a peer-reviewed journal and formally present my case study research on aromatherapy and stress reduction at a Canadian Mental Health Association annual conference with the encouragement of Dr. Ablard. I continue to teach my own students around the world and very much enjoy the graduate access to continuing education and lectures from the College.”

Master aromatherapy today!

We need certified aromatherapists with high integrity to care about the plant world. To be leaders and caretakers not only for people but for all.

Will you answer the call?

If so, you’ll be learning alongside EOT’s highly respected and leading experts in the field who will help you quickly advance personally and professionally.

Upon certification, you will be ready to seriously contribute to the field and share your knowledge with others in an effective and positive way.

Answer the Call!

Meet Your Instructors

You'll have hands-on support from Founders Colleen & Kelly.

Colleen Thompson, RA

Colleen Thompson, RA, MIFPA


After 20 years in the field of banking, Colleen was completely transformed by the pain-relieving effect essential oils had on her chronic migraines.

Since that “aromatic” moment in 1995, she began her journey in the field of Aromatherapy and has been a Registered Aromatherapist since 1997.

She incorporated her business, Essence of Thyme Ltd., in 1995, and over the course of 12 years owned three aromatherapy stores and a holistic spa. In 2012, she completed the development of her Aromatherapy Certification Program which is offered through Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies.

Colleen’s practical experience of owning and operating aromatherapy stores, creating blends for the stores, as well as providing aromatherapy courses and workshops and various aromatherapy massages and complementary treatments is reflected in the program.

Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, MIFPA


Kelly stumbled upon essential oils early in life and was amazed by their beautiful fragrances and healing benefits. But it wasn’t until years later, when she was working on her doctorate degree in biology in 2007, that Kelly was inspired to become a registered aromatherapist. It was then that she witnessed the astonishing connection between essential oil compounds and their use in communication by many species on the planet.

As a Conservation Aromatherapist™, this knowledge continues to help her protect threatened animal and essential oil-bearing plant species, which in addition to aromatherapy, is one of Kelly’s key areas of expertise.

Kelly is a certified and registered aromatherapist and holds a PhD in Biology and an MSc in Conservation. She currently conducts research in Peru on the Endangered rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) tree. Please click here for her CV.

Join the hundreds of international EOT graduates who are committed to bringing the Gold Standard of professional aromatherapy into the world.

As a graduate of Essence of Thyme, you can embark on your career knowing that you have received the Gold Standard of aromatherapy education.

You can hold your head high and feel accomplished when stepping into the field of aromatherapy because EOT guarantees to provide you with the tools to do so on solid ground and in alignment with leaders of the industry.

EOT’s strong community and recognition by professional aromatherapy associations will give you a sense of belonging, new friends, part of a dynamic movement that you can easily grow with, and many opportunities to make a difference in the field and in the world!

Deena Peters 
EOT Graduate

Kirstin Tomas
EOT Graduate

Angie Kennedy 
EOT Graduate

Grace-Anne Post
EOT Graduate

Mary Monteiro EOT Graduate

Mary Monteiro
EOT Graduate

Johanne Trudel-Dekam EOT Graduate

Johanne Trudel-Dekam
EOT Graduate

Theresa Edwards EOT Graduate

Theresa Edwards
EOT Graduate

EOT Graduate Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen
EOT Graduate

Lifetime access... and more 

EOT also loves to provide professional aromatherapy graduates with extra perks to keep them focused and engaged! Graduates have lifetime access to ever-evolving course material. And, we extend special discounted rates on additional EOT expert-led courses, work collaboratively on research projects and publications, and extend the significantly reduced rate for LabAroma for the duration of the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Karina Langevin EOT Student

Karina Langevin,

“Bonuses of being a student are: there is someone available to help out with ANY questions, tutoring options and the monthly lectures are a bonus to gain extra knowledge in the Aromatherapy field.”

Marina Khoury EOT Student

Marina Khoury,

“After several searches and contacts with other schools, which did not convince me at all (lack of rigor and credibility), EOT was the one that won me over with its personalized, honest and very professional approach led by Colleen and Kelly. ”

Margaret MacLellan EOT Student

Margaret MacLellan,

“I am very pleased with my decision to attend Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies and look forward to being able to continue to learn and help others through the safe and effective use of essential oils and aromatherapy."

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