Animal Aromatherapy


Confidently and safely improve the health and well-being of animals with essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, and herbs—and use your expertise to create your own animal aromatherapy business or enhance your existing practice.

with Amy Williams DeLong, CA, Holistic Pet Care Expert


Is all the conflicting advice surrounding essential oils and animals leaving you with more questions than answers?

The internet is full of essential oil misinformation and unqualified advice, especially when it comes to using aromatherapy with our beloved pets.

Maybe you’re afraid to expose your pets to essential oils for fear of harming them with a “toxic” oil.

Even many professional aromatherapists are confused about which essential oils are safe and which ones are harmful.

You may be wondering…

  • What is the truth about using essential oils with cats?
  • What are the signs of adverse reactions in animals?
  • Do you really need to dilute essential oils for animals?
  • How do essential oil chemistry and safety apply to animals, especially cats and birds?
  • Do the same human safety contraindications and drug interactions apply to animals?
  • How do you apply essential oils or hydrosols topically to animals with fur or feathers?
  • How do you ease your clients’ concerns when they are using essential oils around their animals?

With limited credible research, it can be frustrating when you don't know what's accurate.

Inhaling essential oils is harmful to animals.

FACT: Given an animal's highly sensitive olfactory system, inhalation is the most effective method for using aromatics with animals, including CATS—as long as it’s done safely!

Essential oils are toxic to cats.

FACT: Cats can benefit from many essential oils. Knowing which ones are safe, which ones to avoid, and how to use them safely is key.

Animals can’t tell you what they need or want.

FACT: Animals don’t give feedback like humans do, but they will tell you what they are thinking. Learning to interpret an animal’s unique body language allows you to partner with them and tailor remedies to their individual needs.

With a clear focus on safety, Animal Aromatherapy empowers you to navigate the world of animal aromatherapy with confidence.

Animal Aromatherapy expands on your expert knowledge as an aromatherapist so you can share the same benefits with animals.

Learn how essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and other botanicals can support the health and behaviour of the special animals in your—and your clients’—lives, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and reptiles.

Using aromatics therapeutically to help animals requires a shift in perspective.

Discover how to use what you already know about aromatherapy and how to apply practical skills to the nuances of working with animals.

You’ll go beyond holistic aromatherapy, truly knowing animals as highly sensitive, unique individuals, and helping them heal with applied zoopharmacognosy: the practice of self-selection and self-medication.


Combine your love for animals and your passion for aromatherapy—and make a difference.

What if you could easily...

  • Ease an aging dog’s pain and arthritis with essential oils that they choose themselves?
  • Help a cat with kidney issues using therapeutic herbs tailored to their needs?
  • Support a stressed parrot? (it’s safe—but only if you know how)
  • Create a topical blend to support healing for any animal’s skin wound?
  • Formulate your own line of animal aromatherapy products?

Join the thriving pet wellness industry.

Pet care is a billion-dollar industry, and holistic pet care is expanding quickly. Become a part of this growing industry by starting your own animal wellness business. Build or expand your existing animal aromatherapy practice by formulating your own animal aromatherapy products.

And, if you’re a pet parent yourself, you know all too well that veterinary care costs increase every year. Knowing how to use aromatics with your own animals can save you hundreds of dollars and can help your pets avoid unpleasant side effects of traditional medications.

Animal Aromatherapy is a comprehensive, self-paced certification course that will teach you the keys to effectively using aromatherapy to help companion animals with health and behaviour concerns.

You’ll go far beyond the basics of using essential oils with animals by diving deep into the world of animal aromatherapy, including how to:

  • use aromatherapy remedies therapeutically with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, snakes, lizards, tortoises, and turtles
  • use hydrosols, herbs, carriers, clays, and other mediums safely and effectively with animals
  • support animals with self-selection and self-medication, a practice called applied zoopharmacognosy
  • skillfully interpret the nuances of animal body language, and understand how it differs among each species
  • how to work with animals in person, in shelters or rescues, and remotely
  • build your animal wellness business

Study a unique, innovative curriculum

Discover everything you’ll learn in Animal Aromatherapy. Get your copy of the complete Animal Aromatherapy Certification curriculum, including detailed outlines for all 8 modules.


Meet the expert behind this unique program

Essence of Thyme brings experts in the field of aromatherapy — and the experience of learning from them — directly to you, in exclusive programs that empower you to specialize your career and advance our profession.

photo of Amy Williams DeLong, holistic pet care expert, with her dog

Amy Williams
DeLong, CA


Guiding you on this journey is your instructor, Amy Williams DeLong, CA.

With a BSc in Exercise Physiology, a certification in Animal Aromatherapy, and over 15 years of working with animals professionally, Amy Williams DeLong is uniquely positioned to teach aromatherapy science for animals.

In addition, Amy brings unique insights to supporting animals holistically through her work as an animal communicator, intuitive energy healer, Tellington TTouch® practitioner, and other holistic modalities. Amy has supported hundreds of pet parents over the years, partnered with holistic veterinarians, and served as a Veterinary Assistant at wellness clinics on Indian reservations.

Amy is also dedicated to helping animals without devoted pet parents by fostering and transforming the lives of starved, neglected, and literally mangy mutts.

Who is Animal Aromatherapy Certification for?

Animal Aromatherapy was created for professional aromatherapists or anyone with a foundational knowledge of aromatherapy safety and essential oil chemistry. However, if you’re passionate about working with animals and have a strong desire to dive deep into how essential oils, hydrosols, and herbs support animal health and behaviour, this course is an ideal fit for you. This includes:

  • holistic pet care practitioners
  • holistic pet healers
  • canine massage therapists
  • veterinary professionals
  • animal care professionals
  • people who wish to set up a professional practice in animal aromatherapy
  • anyone with a basic background in animal aromatherapy

You’ll study:

  • 8 different animal species
  • safe aromatherapy practices specific to each species
  • common health and behavioural conditions for each species

You’ll get:

  • 15 detailed essential oil monographs
  • 3 detailed carrier monographs
  • animal-focused research and references to build your library

You’ll achieve:

  • 10 case studies with personal feedback
  • 5 clinical research reviews to boost your credibility
  • confidence knowing you're using aromatics safely with animals

Here’s what you’ll find inside this incredible, one-of-a-kind course.

Animal Aromatherapy is a comprehensive, self-paced online course consisting of 8 modules and 21 lessons. You will also gain practical experience with animals by engaging in 10 case studies.

PLUS lifetime access!

When you register, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, so you can review the information anytime.

You already know the healing powers of aromatherapy.
Now you can combine your love of essential oils with your love for animals.

The Animal Aromatherapy Certification course gives you the expertise needed to build an animal aromatherapy practice, create your own line of animal aromatherapy products, or add animal aromatherapy to your existing aromatherapy practices.


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Earn Continuing Education Credits

Aromatherapy professionals who successfully complete Animal Aromatherapy earn 61 continuing education credits through the Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy, the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

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A personal note from your instructor

As a lifelong learner, it took me years to compile the content in Animal Aromatherapy. I’ve created the learning experience I wish I had 10 years ago—a way to use what you already know about aromatherapy, and apply these practical skills to the nuances of working with animals. I’m thrilled to guide you and share the expertise I’ve gained from years of personal experience, knowing many more animals will safely benefit from the healing power of aromatherapy.

Amy Williams DeLong, CA