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Learn about Essence of Thyme's internationally recognized, evidence-based programs.

The field of aromatherapy is rapidly evolving.

Evidenced-based research, sustainability, collaboration, publishing, and career specialization are at the forefront.

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies implements a novel approach to supporting your learning. As a student, you'll be equipped with hard and soft skills to step into and advance the field of aromatherapy with:

  • tools for critical analyses of evidence-based research
  • sustainability-centric curriculum
  • access to guest faculty and monthly speakers, all recognized as leading experts
  • student research paper and case study preparation for international publication and global recognition
  • electives designed to support your individuality and independence

At Essence of Thyme, you will receive the Gold Standard for aromatherapy certification, setting you apart in the fast-growing world of aromatherapy.


We help people with busy lifestyles invest in their personal growth, the future of aromatherapy, and the healing of others and the planet.

Our extremely experienced, hands-on team achieves this through personal mentorship, hosting live talks by leading experts in the field, offering monthly office hours and monthly open forums, providing a platform to connect with Essence of Thyme students all over the world, and by ensuring a comprehensive, self-paced curriculum that is updated regularly. 

Colleen Thompson and Dr. Kelly Ablard

Our students enroll to achieve their life goals in aromatherapy...

...and our Essence of Thyme instructors are just as motivated to help you succeed.
It’s a win-win for all!

We promise to support your success and to provide you with the skills you need to create a unique path as a highly knowledgeable, sustainably minded, and dynamic professional.

Amber Horricks

Amber Horricks

After researching online, when I came across Essence of Thyme, I immediately enrolled in the Aromatherapy Practitioner Program. The wealth of knowledge I am gaining is incredible! This is not like most online programs I have taken, as the instructors are always there to answer, guide, and support.

Colleen and Kelly are an amazing team that wants to see students succeed. Their wealth of knowledge and student support is incredible.

I am proud to be part of this school and love the fact it's Canadian. I have now gained the confidence to use essential oils safely and to help others thanks to Essence of Thyme.

Essence of Thyme’s mission is to maintain the Gold Standard for aromatherapy education, moving the industry forward by training highly qualified aromatherapists to master and represent the profession.

Our vision is to embrace and elevate aromatherapy through personable and high-quality education, grassroots initiatives, spreading global awareness of the many benefits aromatherapy has to offer.

Diana Boucher

Diana Boucher 

"Essence of Thyme is a fantastic school and the advanced aromatherapy course has a lot to offer! I have learned so much amazing educational information while taking this course as well as had lots of hands-on experience. The instructors are amazing and get back to you quickly when needed. They also have a lot of resources online in the student login and are very thorough! I have enjoyed working with the instructors while taking this course and I highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about their aromatherapy education!" 

Essence of Thyme is unique.

As we keep our students up to date in the field and maintain our program recognition at the highest levels, we always make time to give each student our personal attention.

Further, we work on the ground and with our students to help protect threatened oil-bearing plant species – these beloved plants are the foundation of this field and should also be healed, as we use them for our healing.  

Dr. Kelly Ablard and Crew

Core Instructors: 
Colleen Thompson & Dr. Kelly Ablard

Colleen has been a passionate and highly respected aromatherapy educator for over 25 years. While she isn’t teaching or busy serving on multiple professional aromatherapy association boards, you will catch her reading books and spending time with her family and husband traveling. 

Kelly, a Conservation Aromatherapist™, has been an aromatherapy educator and conservation biologist for over 12 years. When she’s not teaching, or in Peru working hard to help protect the endangered rosewood tree (Aniba rosaeodora), she is in Vancouver, BC, Southern California or in England on a walk in the woods, on the beach, at a coffee shop, practicing kriya yoga, or spending time in a float tank.

Colleen and Kelly have gathered a team of internationally acclaimed supporting instructors to take your learning to the next level.  Learn more >>

Jennifer Winters

"The monthly lectures, student FB page, and student forum are filled with detailed and relevant pieces of information. You can get what you need in the moment and come back to digest the rest at later times.

I highly recommend EOT to anyone wanting to further their aromatherapy education. Colleen and Kelly are gentle and caring instructors who provide amazing support. The moment you hear yourself explaining a concept, essential oil, or caution to someone, those are the moments you savor! You know you have grasped information when you are able to share it. EOT will have you sharing your new-found knowledge with all who will listen!"

Begin your journey into the world of aromatherapy today withĀ Essence of Thyme.

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