Aromatherapy Certification Programs

Achieve your aromatherapy career goals with our internationally recognized online certification and diploma programs. 

Professional Certification Program in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Science

300 HOURS | $1997 CAD

International recognition: AIA (Level 2), NAHA (Level 2), CAOA (Level 2), IFPA (Full Membership MIFPA)

Become a professional aromatherapy consultant, launch your own retail or wholesale business, create your own product line, teach workshops or webinars, or provide services as an adjunct to your existing holistic health specialization.


The Gold Standard: Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy

630 HOURS | $3800 CAD

International recognition: AIA (Level 3), NAHA (Level 3), CAOA (Level 3), IFPA (Full Membership MIFPA), NZROHA (Professional Member)

Our best bundle for the serious student who is seeking the most comprehensive aromatherapy certification training available. Includes both the Professional Level Certification Program and the Certified Master Aromatherapist Program. Your direct path to becoming a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, also granting you certification as a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Professional Aromatherapist, and Certified Master Aromatherapist.


Certified Master Aromatherapist Program

330 HOURS | $2197 CAD

International recognition: AIA (Level 3), NAHA (Level 3), CAOA (Level 3), IFPA (Full Membership MIFPA), NZROHA (Professional Member)

Prerequisite: Formal Level 2 certification in aromatherapy. Applicants must complete the application form and schedule an acceptance interview.

Build on your existing Level 2 aromatherapy certification. Become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, aromatherapy educator, researcher, or enhance your work in allopathic or holistic health. Expand your business and share your work on a level in line with industry experts.


Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science 

47 HOURS | $2715 CAD

International recognition for continuing education units: AIA, NAHA, CAOA, IFPA

In this 5-module program, you will explore the science, critical approaches, and methodology behind essential oil research. You’ll be introduced to the pharmacology of aromatic plants so you can interpret their therapeutic potentials. You will apply pharmacological concepts to deepen your understanding of the properties and effects of essential oils on the human body, and you will understand the chemistry behind extraction, distillation, and quality of aromatic extracts. This program takes no shortcuts and doesn’t offer ready-made solutions. Instead, you will develop the tools you need to go beyond knowledge and become an autonomous professional practitioner in your field.

Oana Ceciu

Oana Ceciu

“The Professional Level Certification Program is very well organized and the information (very comprehensive) is presented in an accessible manner. The instructors went beyond the mere role of transmitting information. I could find much-needed support whenever I was stuck. I had amazing mentors that were able to keep me on track and instill their passion for aromatherapy. The foundation they set is stronger than what I hoped for.”