Advanced Aromatherapy Science: Full Diploma - Pay in Full

Instructors: Marco Valussi, BSc (Hons.) Herbal Medicine and Benoit Roger, PhD

In this 5-module program, you will explore the science, critical approaches, and methodology behind essential oil research. You’ll be introduced to the pharmacology of aromatic plants so you can interpret their therapeutic potentials. You will apply pharmacological concepts to deepen your understanding of the properties and effects of essential oils on the human body, and you will understand the chemistry behind extraction, distillation, and quality of aromatic extracts.

This program takes no shortcuts and doesn’t offer ready-made solutions. Instead, you will develop the tools you need to go beyond knowledge and become an autonomous professional practitioner in your field.

This diploma program provides 47 CE hours and includes: 

  • Module 1: Science, Critical Approach, and Research Methods — Our personal intuitions, even when they feel strong and correct, may not always be accurate, especially in science. Learn what to rely on instead. 
  • Module 2: Introduction to Pharmacology — Investigate the fascinating ways in which pharmacology and pharmacokinetics influence each other to have a powerful impact on essential oil administration.
  • Module 3: Aromatic Plants — Discover how biological evolution has shaped the medicinal properties of plants and influenced the composition of our Materia Medica. 
  • Module 4: Essential Oils and Human Beings — Confidently apply key pharmacological concepts for a better understanding of the properties and effects of essential oils.
  • Module 5: Chemistry: Extraction, Distillation, Quality, and Beyond — What does “quality” really mean for essential oils? Address misconceptions with clients and customers using scientific principles of organic chemistry.

You will receive a certificate for each module completed, inclusive of the assessment, and a Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science once you complete the full program.

When you register for the Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science, you gain access to our exclusive bonus video: Lavender Distillation with Marco Valussi and Benoit Roger (value: $75 CAD).

Plus this FREE GIFT! 

When you register for the Diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science, you gain access to this exclusive bonus!

VIDEO: Lavender Distillation with Marco Valussi and Benoit Roger
value: $75 CAD

This in-depth discussion between Marco and Benoit provides an expert-level view on the process of plant harvest and distillation within the context of lavenders and lavender hybrids. Their 1-hour conversation includes exclusive video footage of lavender harvest and distillation, as well as discussion on how the process differs among various plants.

$2,715.00 CAD

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