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Natalia Dichkovska

Skincare expert, aromatherapist, researcher, and educator

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Natalia Dichkovska

Natalia Dichkovska is an aromatherapist, integrative skincare specialist, researcher, educator, and author. She began practicing aromatherapy in 2009, became a certified aromatherapist in 2011, and received additional training in Facial Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Psychology.

Natalia was the first to teach aromatherapy to the general public in Belarus, and continues to give lectures and workshops worldwide to promote awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy.

She has written three books on skincare and aromatherapy, with over 20,000 copies sold, and she has over three years of experience as a holistic skincare expert and aromatherapist on live TV in a morning show and a health program.

Natalia has created lessons on formulation, emulsions, active ingredients, and preservation in the home laboratory for the Essence of Thyme Certified Master Aromatherapist Program