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Benoit Roger, PhD

Benoit Roger, PhD

Organic Chemistry and Distillation Expert

🌐 Laboratoire Phytochemia

Benoit Roger, PhD

Passionate about plants, Benoit has worked with research, analysis, and production/transformation of essential oil and plant extracts for more than 15 years.

He got his PhD in natural products chemistry in France between the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, historically close to the Grasses industry, and a renowned company in the south of France. Then he went to Canada (QC) for a post-doctoral internship and stayed to work with Laboratoire PhytoChemia.

He finally started AlChemia Solutions in collaboration with PhytoChemia where he develops small equipment for extraction and distillation at small to medium scale, gives consulting services as well as courses and workshops.

Benoit has collaborated with Marco Valussi to develop and teach our Advanced Aromatherapy Science Program: Ecology and Pharmacology of Essential Oils from the Plant to the Clinic