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Essence of Thyme
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Marco Valussi

Marco Valussi

Distillation and Essential Oil Science Expert

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Marco Valussi — Biography

Marco Valussi has been working with medicinal and aromatic plants for 25 years.

After studying Forestry in Italy, he gained his BSc. (Hons.) in Herbal Medicine in London in 1998, after a diploma in aromatherapy with ITHMA in 1995. He is currently production manager and scientific director of the distilling company Magnifica Essenza, in Italy, and is visiting professor in essential oils and herbal medicine at various University Masters in Italy.

He has published various scientific papers on the subjects of essential oils and medicinal plants and is now collaborating in a systematic review on the antiviral activities of essential oils.

Marco is the instructor for the Advanced Aromatherapy Science Program: Ecology and Pharmacology of Essential Oils from the Plant to the Clinic (coming soon).