Aromatherapy for holistic health practitioners: Meet Karagin Sheen

May 10, 2023

If you're a massage therapist, sound healer, yoga teacher, or Reiki practitioner, you may be looking for innovative ways to further enhance the well-being of your clients. Many holistic healing arts professionals find that adding aromatherapy to their toolkit expands their options, leading to happier, healthier clients — and new streams of income!

Meet Karagin Sheen, a recent graduate of Essence of Thyme's aromatherapy certification program. Karagin has expanded her holistic wellness services to include custom tailored client sessions, aromatherapy consulting, and her own aromatherapy product line. Learn about the value of completing your aromatherapy certification, how it prepares you to advance your existing career, and how you can become an informed advocate of safe and effective essential oil practices.

Thank you for talking with us, Karagin! Could you tell us more about yourself?

I started my journey into holistic healthcare when I attended college to become a Registered Massage Therapist, graduating in 2019. Once I started my career, my passion continued to grow and I continued my educational journey. I enrolled in Essence of Thyme's advanced aromatherapy program only 3 months after I graduated from college. I had always had a love of plant medicine, but this course definitely exceeded expectations and made my love for nature grow exponentially. While completing my aromatherapy course I also completed other certifications such as becoming trained as an Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (CYA-RYT500)! All these modalities seem so different on the surface, but they intertwine beautifully, and I use all of them in my practice! In my therapeutic practice, I offer modality-specific treatment sessions or combination treatments for unique support to meet all of my clients’ needs. My goal as a holistic healthcare practitioner is to create a safe space for all my clients to awaken their inner healer and give them the power to heal themselves.

For aromatherapy in particular, I offer aromatherapy massage, as well as custom aromatherapy consultations. And most recently, I have started a line of aromatherapy blends to sell! Education is highly important to me and while I have completed all my formal training, I never stop studying and learning new things in all my modalities, so that I may be a safe and reliable resource for my clients, especially with aromatherapy and essential oils, as there is a lot of misinformation out there. I strive to create a space that shares the magic of essential oils while still keeping it safe for all!

Did you have any experience with aromatherapy before beginning your studies?

I had very little experience with essential oils prior to signing up for the course. It was just a pull I felt to explore it, and it led me to sign up. Throughout the course, my love and curiosity for aromatherapy and essential oils really exploded! I was first looking to learn more for myself, and then once in the course I learned how much it could be applied to my massage therapy practice and my clients in general.

"[Aromatherapy] has added a whole new aspect to my massage practice, and has given me the knowledge and confidence to start my own line of aromatherapy blends to sell — something I've been wanting to do for a while, but I wanted to wait until I was completely certified before pursuing it!" — Karagin Sheen

What was the main reason you decided to sign up for Essence of Thyme’s aromatherapy certification program?

My main initial reason was just for my own personal information. I've always been someone who likes to learn about things properly before really diving into a topic, especially if it was something I could potentially use in a career. I like to know what I'm talking about and know that the information I'm learning is from a reliable source.

What is your favourite topic in aromatherapy? How has our program helped you deepen your knowledge about it?

I loved learning about essential oil chemical constituents and how they interact with the body to create a therapeutic effect. I'm a lover of science, and having chemistry, biology and physiology as a part of the program really solidified my interest in essential oils and how beneficial they can be to us holistically!

I also felt that the material gave me a lot of support in making me feel prepared, and when I did have questions Colleen, Kelly or other staff never failed to give me the answers I needed to succeed.

What were your favourite parts of the program?

Learning the monographs/profiles for each essential oil and of course learning how to create proper blends!

What would you tell someone who was considering this program?

There is quite a bit of science covered in the program, so if this isn’t your strong suit, the EOT team is excellent at answering any questions!

How has your life changed after getting certified with Essence of Thyme?

My life and business have definitely changed for the better. I use aromatherapy almost every day in my personal life for meditation or to balance my anxiety, to help my muscles after a long day at work, or to help me sleep.

For my business, it has added a whole new aspect to my massage practice, and has given me the knowledge and confidence to start my own line of aromatherapy blends to sell — something I've been wanting to do for a while, but I wanted to wait until I was completely certified before pursuing it!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an aromatherapist?

I hope to see my business of aromatherapy blends and products thriving. I might even want to teach some webinars or courses. When I first started getting into the world of alternative healing and healthcare, I started to notice a gap between alternative healthcare and western medicine, neither really trusting the other side — especially in the world of essential oils, with so many people and companies promoting potentially unsafe practices, causing people on the more traditional Western medicine side to not trust essential oils. It is disappointing to see because there truly is a science behind essential oils, but the scientific/Western medicine side doesn't always want to look at it because of all the unsafe practices that are being promoted by people who are not formally trained in aromatherapy. As a result, certified aromatherapists find themselves in the middle of these two gaps. It has been slowly getting better as more aromatherapists conduct research, and as essential oils start to gain more credibility. And my goal, like that of many other aromatherapists, is to help bridge that gap between alternative and holistic medicine and traditional western medicine to show that essential oils as well as other modalities aren't one or the other, but a beautiful balance in the middle!

What are some of the achievements you’re most proud of?

I am very proud of all the courses and certifications I have completed and achieved over the past 5 years; consequently, I am in a successful and confident place today. Running a practice and business in all areas that I love so much is better than I could have ever expected.

Did you join any aromatherapy associations? How has it impacted your business or personal credibility? What benefits are you enjoying the most?

I joined the CAOA. I love being able to use the title Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist. It makes me feel credible in my knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy and makes me feel so much more confident in my practice and business!

What would you say to people who are currently starting their aromatherapy journey and are thinking about getting certified?

I would say it is totally worth it! We need more aromatherapists out there to show the world the power of essential oils being used in a safe way!

Could you tell us more about your aromatherapy business or professional work with aromatherapy?

I have 2 main areas where I use aromatherapy professionally. Firstly, within my therapeutic practice, I offer custom aromatherapy massages and/or aromatherapy consultations within the massage clinics I practice out of. Secondly, I started a line of aromatherapy blends and products based on specific therapeutic benefits. As of right now, I have created 6 different stock blends to sell for different intentions. And I also have diluted body oils, body and room mists, and other products like candles planned for the future! I am very careful to follow everything I learned throughout the programs to be sure to give the same directions and precautions for all my products, while still sharing the magic of essential oils.

Where can our readers follow you and your work in aromatherapy?

My business is called KS Therapeutics based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can check me out on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you, Karagin! We’re proud of your successes and looking forward to watching your business thrive!

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