The Benzene Ring: Our Logo, Our Values

Sep 27, 2021

It’s a question we hear a lot. 

“Why did you choose a honeycomb as your logo?”

The easy answer: “Because it represents everything we believe in.”

The deeper answer: “Let us tell you about the benzene ring.” 

The Benzene Ring

As the story has it, in 1865, the discovery of the benzene ring came to Friedrich Kekulé, a German organic chemist, in a waking dream. In his dream, he supposedly saw rows of atoms dancing around which eventually formed the image of a snake devouring its own tail: 

A benzene ring is a hexagon, its core composed of six carbon atoms with alternating single and double bonds. The six carbon atoms form a perfect hexagon.

All of the carbon-carbon bonds have exactly the same lengths between single and double bonds. This, coupled with its circular shape, makes the benzene ring very strong and stable.

Eugenol, found in clove and cinnamon essential oils


Cinnamaldehyde, found in cinnamon essential oil


What the Benzene Ring Means to Us

It reflects the scientific emphasis of our certification programs.

There has never been a more important time for educated aromatherapists to set themselves apart from armchair enthusiasts. The best way to do this is to know and understand the science and evidence base. EOT’s certification programs emphasize the science behind aromatherapy — so you become a credible professional. Chemistry and safety can be fun and easy to understand! We break it down into manageable lessons that are clear and straightforward

It embodies our values and goals.

EOT believes in creating a professional aromatherapy community that is united, collaborative, strong, and stable.

We unite for a common purpose: to provide up-to-date, credible aromatherapy education in a way that works for each individual. Together, our team, students, and graduates promote specialization in the field of aromatherapy — and we are proud to support each of our successful aromatherapy specialists.

Our strong, stable team supports you with our documented expertise in education and science. Since our founding in 1996, Essence of Thyme’s lead instructors have worked, boots on the ground, in the field of aromatherapy. We share with you our combined 40+ years of real-world experience and knowledge.

Our programs include unparalleled expert-level training in:

  • product development
  • customer consultations and custom blending
  • teaching
  • aromatherapy retail and wholesale business
  • spa practice
  • distillation
  • botany
  • chemistry
  • conservation and sustainability

Just as we encourage our students to be lifelong learners, the EOT team actively stays on top of new research, attending conferences and workshops, and we share this with our students through monthly live events and regular course updates.

We understand the strength found in connection, and we personally promote the practice of aromatherapy by serving on professional aromatherapy advisory boards.

The circle is a powerful metaphor.

It represents commitment, growth, and an unbreakable connection.

At EOT, you have the opportunity to join a thriving worldwide community that loves to learn, connect, and share. EOT certification students have lifetime access to:

  • Open Forums: bimonthly live, interactive online student gatherings
  • Student Lectures: exclusive live monthly presentations by experts in the field of aromatherapy
  • Essential Library: exclusive to EOT certification students and graduates. Along with student lectures dating back to 2014, you will find a chemistry manual, blending guidelines, important case study documents, research, interactive study cards, and a detailed resource manual.
  • ...and, most importantly, us: your mentors and instructors, supporting you every step of the way, upholding the Gold Standard in aromatherapy education.

About Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies offers 300- and 630-hour professional aromatherapy certification programs that help you grow a successful, fulfilling career by specializing and creating your market niche. Professional Level Certification prepares graduates to become aromatherapy consultants, launch product lines or retail businesses, or provide services as an adjunct to existing holistic health specializations. Master Level Certification and electives are ideal for certified aromatherapists seeking higher education or a path to clinical aromatherapy practice.

All Essence of Thyme programs focus on aromatherapy product development and advanced formulation, evidence-based research, spa and business management, international industry regulatory guidelines, and sustainability and conservation of essential oil and carrier oil-bearing plants.

Our comprehensive, evidence-based programs meet or exceed the criteria set forth by 5 international professional aromatherapy associations. Learn more about our aromatherapy certification programs.


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