Earth Day 2022: Giving Back, and a Special Announcement

Mar 31, 2022

Earth Day is a celebration which has been held every April 22nd since 1970 to show support for environmental protection. Events take place not only on the 22nd, but also throughout the month of April, with billions of people from over 193 countries coming together to promote reforms in the protection of our planet and its climate.

The entire team at Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies is honoured to be among those taking part in this year’s celebration. Our comprehensive aromatherapy certification programs exceed the criteria for sustainability education as set forth by the Airmid Institute Plant Protector Program. This month, we are excited to give back.

Throughout April 2022, you save 10% on all of our aromatherapy programs, and we’ll proudly donate 1% of our April net profits to Rainforest Alliance.

To take advantage of this special offer, enter promo code GIVEBACK when you purchase any of our programs.

Offer expires April 30, 2022 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to protect forests, enhance farmers' and forest communities' livelihoods, promote their human rights, and assist them in mitigating and adapting to climate change. One of their many programs combats deforestation.

Why should Earth Day matter to aromatherapists?

These issues are critical: trees are one of our most essential defences against climate change, and 1 out of every 3 trees is on the verge of extinction.

As aromatherapists, we need to remember that this includes many of the essential oil-bearing trees we adore and rely on for their therapeutic and divine smelling oils such as black spruce (Picea mariana), Eucalyptus radiata, and Taiwan cypress (Chamaecyparis formosensis).

Tropical forests with native essential oil-bearing trees like rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) are home to some of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems. Many species, complicated food webs, a range of ecological niches, greater genetic diversity, and ample resources characterize biodiversity-rich ecosystems. These ecosystems with attractive medicine and timber products are more subject to habitat degradation and human overexploitation — extreme impacts like these leave ecosystems, natural resources, species exposed to situations that are more difficult to adapt to, habitats less resilient to the impacts of climate change, and an Earth that continues to rapidly warm.

Supporting organizations like Rainforest Alliance is but one of many things that can be done to help protect trees, preserve biodiverse ecosystems which encompass other fragile essential and carrier oil-bearing plants, and to help meet the impact of climate change — humankind's biggest challenge.

How to help protect threatened plant species

Other actions you can take to help protect ecosystems and threatened essential and carrier oil-bearing plants include:

  1. ethically sourcing your essential and carrier oils — download our free guide, below, to learn how
  2. supporting businesses that donate to the conservation of forest and medicinal and aromatic plants
  3. supporting businesses that implement sustainable practices and are transparent about them
  4. purchasing essential and carrier oils from equitable and fair-trade supply chains that have direct and positive impacts on harvesters and Indigenous communities
  5. educating the public about these issues and about the essential and carrier oil-bearing plants that are currently facing extinction
  6. volunteering your time to support key organizations like Rainforest Alliance

Although we celebrate Earth Day in April, every day of the year matters! We have a responsibility not only to the essential and carrier oil-bearing plants that we wholly depend on as aromatherapists, but also to future generations — and, most importantly, Mother Earth herself.

For further reading on aromatherapy and sustainability

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Article by: Kelly Ablard, PhD, RA, MIFPA

Kelly has been a certified aromatherapy educator and conservation biologist for over 15 years. She is dedicated to the global education, research, and conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Kelly actively works to help protect and promote the uses of traditional medicine in Indigenous communities.

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All Essence of Thyme programs focus on aromatherapy product development and advanced formulation, evidence-based research, spa and business management, international industry regulatory guidelines, and sustainability and conservation of essential oil and carrier oil-bearing plants.

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