Essence of Thyme student featured at 2023 AIA Virtual Conference

Mar 17, 2023

Professional aromatherapy training, as set forth by international professional aromatherapy associations, includes the completion of formal case studies that teach you how to apply what you have learned to real-world professional situations. This can also create many new opportunities for you!

Essence of Thyme student Lynn Thiry’s recent case study will be featured at the upcoming Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) virtual conference, March 31 to April 1, 2023. Lynn’s brilliant support resulted in a significant improvement in quality of life for her client, a 32-year-old nursing mother with chronic pain, stress, and eczema.

Lynn’s case study is an example of the exceptional work that can lead to international recognition and elevate your career as a high-caliber aromatherapist who embodies and advances safe, sustainable, and effective aromatherapy practices.

We sat down with Lynn to learn more about her case study, and how the right aromatherapy certification program and guidance can move you forward to accomplish your goals.

Tell us more about your case study.

The holistic case study that I submitted for the AIA virtual conference is on a 32-year-old nursing woman with chronic shoulder, upper back and neck pain, as well as stress and eczema. My focus was on stress reduction and calming her nervous system and stress response which is the primary trigger to her physical symptoms. I also addressed her muscle pain, tension and inflammation in her upper body as well as the eczema on her hand, foot and toes. As she is breastfeeding and this is partly a skin condition, I formulated a safe and sustainable topical oil blend at a low 1% dilution which she could easily apply to her areas of pain as well as her eczema over a four to six week period. The essential oils I used in the blend are furocoumarin free bergamot (Citrus bergamia), sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana), rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum), which were added to a base of anti-inflammatory carrier oils consisting of coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) and calendula oil (Calendula officinalis). I also provided her with a nasal inhaler with the same undiluted essential oils which she could use as needed in times of stress or anxiety. I met with my client on a weekly basis to evaluate her response to the blend as well as the effectiveness of the topical oil application.

Can you share some of your findings?

My findings were very encouraging in that the blend helped reduce her stress, muscle pain and eczema in a short four week period. Overall, she felt calmer and less reactive to stressful situations. She was able to connect to the source of her stress and understand how to express herself more effectively rather than just suppress her emotions. She also noticed an immediate reduction in her stress, anxiety and irritation after using the nasal inhaler. With regards to her chronic muscle pain, she had less intense and frequent pain in her upper back and shoulders, as well as less headaches. She still had some neck pain; however, the intensity had also reduced. In relation to her eczema, there was a 100% improvement whereby her symptoms had completely resolved. I am happy with the results and I feel the blend worked as expected, especially while considering safety issues.

Describe your process. What was it like to write a case study as a student? How did you collaborate with your instructors? What helped you feel confident?

Writing case studies was an incredible learning experience for me. It was a lot of work detailing why I chose the specific essential oils and carrier oils for the blend, the chemistry, safety issues, dilution rates and the client’s weekly response to their personalized blend. Although it seemed a bit daunting at the beginning, once I got into it, it was rather fun and inspiring. The instructors and my case study mentor, Angie Kennedy, were there to support me if I had questions or needed assistance. I felt prepared and confident doing the case studies on my own, knowing they were available if ever needed. The positive feedback and reassurance from Angie inspired confidence in blending as well as writing my case study reports. It was actually really exciting for me to put it all together, and it felt like I had created a masterpiece at the end of each one!

How did your case study solidify what you learned in your aromatherapy certification program in terms of safe, sustainable and effective practice? In what ways did working one-on-one with your client shift your perspective?

My case study solidified what I learned throughout the program in terms of safe, sustainable and effective practice because I formulated a holistic blend for a nursing woman, respecting the dosage and dilution rates as well as choosing safe, sustainable and appropriate essential oils in order to avoid any potential hazards to her and her child. It was a learning experience to blend with various restrictions and safety considerations for my client while addressing her chronic pain condition. Although a higher dilution may have been more effective at pain reduction, it would have posed a potential risk and safety concern for her child. The low dilution was overall effective at not only improving her symptoms but it also had a calming effect on her nursing son whereby he was less agitated and had less angry outbursts. This demonstrates the importance of safety issues and how even a low dilution can have a significant impact on a nursing woman and her child.

How did this experience elevate your understanding of your case study topic, as well as your professionalism and leadership as an aromatherapist?

This experience elevated my understanding of how best to support my client in relation to her chief concerns by taking a holistic approach and actively listening to her and connecting to what she was saying, as well as what she had difficulty expressing. It was an inner awakening and discovery process for her as much as it was a learning process for me. Through a holistic approach, I was able to understand the totality of her symptoms and address the root cause of her problems safely and effectively. In doing so, I was able to formulate a safe and sustainable blend by carefully avoiding potential hazards and contraindications for her and her son. As an aromatherapist, I feel that by addressing safety issues first and foremost over therapeutic outcome, reflects my professionalism and leadership.


My case study solidified what I learned throughout the program in terms of safe, sustainable and effective practice...It was a learning experience to blend with various restrictions and safety considerations for my client while addressing her chronic pain condition. — Lynn Thiry, BSc (Hons), ND


After your case study is published, what’s next for you and for your work? How does publication help support you in your career?

As this is just the beginning of my career as an aromatherapist, it’s difficult to say where it will take me. I plan to start practicing as an aromatherapist as soon as I write my final exam and become certified. As a naturopathic doctor with a neuroscience background, I’m interested in working with people with neurological and psychological conditions. I would like to use essential oils and blend holistically for these conditions by applying the energetics and subtle essences of aromatherapy in my treatments. I feel that having a publication will give me more credibility and will help advance my career as an aromatherapist and holistic practitioner.

How did Essence of Thyme prepare and support you in your case study submission for the AIA virtual conference?

Essence of Thyme was very encouraging and supportive in helping me prepare my case study for submission for the AIA Virtual conference. Dr. Kelly Ablard was readily available and encouraging throughout the entire process. She thoroughly edited the report as often as needed until it was ready to be submitted. I felt her support and dedication both in preparing me as a professional aromatherapist as well as the case study for this big event.

How does it feel to have your work recognized at this level?

It feels amazing to have my work recognized at this level! I put a lot of work into my case studies and I never anticipated anything like this before. Initially, I felt shocked that one of my case studies was chosen to be submitted for the AIA virtual conference. Now, I’m excited to find out that it was accepted! I am really proud of my work and it’s very rewarding to have this incredible opportunity.

What was your favourite part of your experience with Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies?

My favorite part of my experience with Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies was doing the case studies. I loved connecting with my clients, taking their health history, and choosing the appropriate essential oils and carrier oils to make them a holistic or targeted blend. I was able to be creative and formulate various blends while respecting safety and sustainability issues. I especially loved the feedback from my clients and seeing their progressive improvements throughout the four week process. It helped develop my confidence in making blends and my skills as an aromatherapist.

What would you tell someone who was considering Essence of Thyme’s aromatherapy certification programs?

I would tell someone not to wait any longer and to sign up! It’s a very thorough and holistic professional level aromatherapy certification program based on the science and research of essential oils and their therapeutic applications. The instructors are readily accessible and are very encouraging and supportive. The course is designed to not only teach you all you need to know and more about aromatherapy, but it will also develop your skills and confidence in becoming a certified professional aromatherapist.

Lynn, thank you for sharing more about your case study and what you learned throughout your education! We’re so proud of you and excited to follow along on your journey!

Lynn’s case study will be presented at the 2023 AIA Virtual Conference, March 31, 2023 - April 1, 2023. The focus of the conference will be on Aromatherapy Research, Safety, and Application in the Aromatherapy Community. Learn more and register here.

Lynn (Tintinalli) Thiry, BSc (Hons), ND is an aromatherapy student in the Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies Professional Level Program. She is currently in the final process of completing the intensive certification program. Upon graduation, Lynn is enthusiastic about practicing as a Certified Professional Aromatherapist and formulating individualized blends for her client’s health care needs. She plans to incorporate her naturopathic approach in her aromatherapy practice by addressing the root cause of 'dis-ease’ with safe and sustainable aromatic essences. As Lynn has a special interest in disorders of the nervous system, her future vision is to support and treat people with neurological and psychological conditions through the physical and energetic healing properties of essential oils. Lynn offers her services both in person and online, as well as in english and in french. If you'd like more information about Lynn and her services, please visit her website at 

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