Virtual Fireside Chat: Create a Meaningful Holiday with Aromatherapy

Dec 09, 2022

Join us for a virtual fireside chat!

Create a Meaningful Holiday with Aromatherapy

with Colleen Thompson, Cert Ed, MIFPA, RA®, EOT®, CA

December 9, 2022 – January 12, 2022 | broadcast every 15 minutes


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Real life is rarely like a holiday Hallmark movie! Many of us experience anxiety about money, time, and family dynamics during this time of year. There is a lot of pressure to deliver the “perfect” holiday amidst the other demands we must juggle, and what should be a happy season can become quite stressful.

My first year owning an aromatherapy store completely shifted my perspective.

Christmas was the busiest time of year at my store. I loved the holiday spirit, the music, and helping my customers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This wasn’t about “getting sales” — in fact, the smallest purchases were often the most meaningful. I’ll never forget the little boy who came in, a few dollars clutched in his tiny hands, to purchase a bath bomb for his mom, which we gift wrapped for him. That Christmas morning, I couldn’t help but picture his mother opening the thoughtful gift he bought her. To me, that was the spirit of Christmas.

Aromatherapy offers many ways to build traditions, deepen your connection to your loved ones, and be kind to yourself.

My favourite tradition is our family blending day. Each year, a week or so before Christmas, my five grandchildren and I get together to make aromatic gifts for their other family members. This is a picture of my two youngest grandchildren filling a sachet with dried lavender.

Creating memories and traditions is what the holiday season is all about. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Rohatsu, Hanukkah, Ashura, Yalda, Solstice, or another observance, we all want to feel connected and loved.

Listen in on a free, heart-filled fireside chat: Create a Meaningful Holiday with Aromatherapy

December 9, 2022—January 12, 2022
Broadcast every 15 minutes

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I’m excited to share how I incorporate aromatherapy into my own family traditions just like in the photo above — and how you can too. I’ll also share my favourite uplifting essential oils for the holiday season, and ways you can enjoy them for your own self-care or with your loved ones as beautiful gifts. I hope you will listen in, perhaps as a way to take some time just for you.

Since this is such a busy time of year, we’ve made it easy for you to attend. We’re broadcasting my virtual fireside chat every 15 minutes throughout the holiday season, until January 12, 2022!  If you can't attend at the scheduled time, I encourage you to sign up anyway — we'll send you a link to watch the replay. 

…and if you’re looking ahead to 2023…

As the new year draws near, this is also a time for reflection and for setting goals for the year ahead. What do you envision 2023 to be for you? If aromatherapy certification has been on your to-do list, I know firsthand how this can change your life… and the lives of others.

We don’t want stretched finances to keep you from following your dreams. So while we rarely put our programs on sale, this holiday season we are offering a discount on our aromatherapy certification and diploma programs. Listen in to the broadcast to learn more, or click here for the special offer.

All of us at Essence of Thyme wish you a peaceful, warm, and fragrant holiday season — however you celebrate.

Article by: Colleen Thompson, Cert Ed, MIFPA, RA®, EOT®, CA

For over 25 years, Colleen Thompson has been a passionate and highly respected aromatherapy educator. She has owned 3 aromatherapy stores and a holistic spa, and she founded Essence of Thyme in 1995, where she mentors budding aromatherapists from all over the world, helping them create their own thriving aromatherapy businesses.

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