Aromatherapy certification for nurses: meet Sylvia Provenski, student

Dec 20, 2022

Are you a health care professional who is considering aromatherapy certification, either to enhance your current work or as a career change? If so, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to be a student in an online aromatherapy certification program — what you’ll learn, how you’ll be supported, and how your training and experience can enrich your future as a professional aromatherapist.

Who better to answer these questions than a medical professional who is also an aromatherapy certification student? In this post, former nurse Sylvia Provenski will walk you through her journey from an aromatherapy multi-level marketing company to professional aromatherapy certification. Learn how Sylvia found a new home for her knowledge and experience, and how her studies and the team support she found at Essence of Thyme have helped her refresh her skills while taking her talents in a new direction.

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Thank you for chatting with us, Sylvia! Did you have any experience with aromatherapy before beginning your studies?

Before entering the Professional Level Certification Program at Essence of Thyme I was a representative for a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sold essential oils. I was introduced to essential oils through this company by a family member who knew that I was interested in alternative health options. As a representative, I shared my minimal knowledge of essential oils with friends and family who then ordered the oils from me.

What were the major challenges you experienced?

One of the major challenges I encountered as an essential oil MLM representative was the lack of proper education, training and information provided by the company regarding the safe use of essential oils. I felt that there was a very guarded view towards providing information about the safety of essential oils, in any great detail, as it might scare people away from using the oils, and that if people felt that essential oils might be harmful, they would stop using them.

What were your aromatherapy goals that led you to think about furthering your education?

I wanted clear, concise, unbiased, researched information on essential oils. I found that I was feeling more and more uncomfortable with my lack of knowledge regarding essential oils, their chemistry, how they worked on the body, and the safety aspects of the oils. I found it difficult to find the information I needed. More and more people were coming to me with complicated health issues. As a former nurse, I became very uncomfortable and questioned whether or not I should even be recommending an essential oil that might do more harm than good without having the proper education and training in its use. I knew I needed clear, concise, unbiased, researched information on essential oils taught by professional aromatherapists with years of experience in the field.

What was the main reason you decided to sign up for Essence of Thyme’s Professional Level Aromatherapy Certification Program?

I researched several aromatherapy programs across Canada and the USA. Essence of Thyme’s Professional Level Certification Program had everything I was looking for and more. I appreciated the depth of information that was covered in each of the areas of the body. For example, one module covers the anatomy and physiology of the Respiratory System and the diseases and conditions related to that area of the body. In addition to this, you learn how essential oils work to support that area of the body and the health conditions related to it. The lesson also includes a list of essential oils that could be used to support that body system. Contraindications are also covered, such as oils that should not be used with certain medications or health conditions.

What is your favourite topic in aromatherapy? How has our program helped you deepen your knowledge about it?

My favourite topic is anatomy and physiology. I love learning about the body and how it works. I did my nursing training several decades ago, therefore the program has given me a much-needed update in my knowledge of A&P. It has also enhanced my understanding of the human body and the relationship that the chemical constituents found in essential oils and carrier oils, can play in supporting the body.

Were you worried about taking your midterm or final exam, or completing your case studies? For the parts you have completed so far, how has your program material helped you feel prepared? How have Colleen, Kelly, and the team supported you?

Yes, I was worried about taking the midterm exam, but the materials provided by EOT are so well organized and presented that I was able to pass the exam with a good mark.

I am currently working on my research project. The support and guidance from Kelly and Colleen has been amazing. For example, at last month’s Open Forum I was able to ask Kelly and Colleen, and even other students questions related to doing a research paper. It’s also great to hear how the other students are tackling their research project or case studies.

What have been your favourite parts of your education at Essence of Thyme?

One of my many favourites is the monthly online guest lectures. The topics are current and relevant, the speakers are experts in the aromatherapy and essential oil field. We have the opportunity to listen to and speak to so many wonderful experts and ask many questions. This program has such a wonderful sense of community!

How has your life changed since beginning your studies with Essence of Thyme?

My life and my family’s life has changed as we have become more aware and knowledgeable regarding essential oils and how they can support and enhance our health. I have been using what I have learned in the program every day. I believe the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. Therefore, when I make up a blend for a particular condition, I now share my knowledge with the person receiving the blend. I tell them why I chose a particular essential oil or oils, what the therapeutic benefits are and how it works in their body to support it.

What are some aromatherapy-related achievements you’re most proud of?

My first thought is the way I have helped several family members and friends with health conditions they have encountered. I have done this by sharing my knowledge of essential oils and providing them with a blend that helped them. But most importantly, one I knew was safe for them.

The other achievement that I am proud of is the knowledge I have gained related to the botanical side of essential oil-bearing plants. I am now making my own infused oils using plants from my garden, as well as wild plants and using the infused oil in my blends.

What would you say to people who are currently starting their aromatherapy journey and are thinking about getting certified?

You can be confident that this program will provide you with everything you need to become a confident, competent, and well-trained aromatherapist whose certification is recognized by national and international professional aromatherapy associations around the world.

You will not be going on this journey alone. You will have amazing one-on-one personal support and guidance from your instructors, and many opportunities to interact with other students in the program.

Thank you, Sylvia, for your kind words about Essence of Thyme, and for inspiring others to pursue excellence in their work in aromatherapy!

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